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Arcane Trickster - only 1 of 3 first level spells able to be added.

I have tried looking through previous posts, but from what I can see no one has pointed this out.  At level 3 as a rogue, when you chose Arcane trickster, you are supposed to learn 3 cantrips and 3 first level spells (two if which have to come from Enchantment of Illusion spells. Using the Charactermancer to level up to 3rd, it only allows you to select 1 first level spell. I tried to drag and drop additional spells over from the 2 schools Disguise self, Charm person, Sleep and Colorspray, (some the spells I tried) but none were added as they should have.  Am I missing something or is this a bug?
Forum Champion
Hi Keith - Hmmm I am actually unable to reproduce this issue on my end. I was able to select 3 different cantrips and 3 first level spells successfully in my tests. However, to be clear, I do not believe we perform a programmatic check to make sure you are selecting 2 enhancement/illusion spells for an Arcane Trickster.  Would you mind trying to create a second, different Arcane Trickster character to see if the issue persists? Thanks!
Tried a second character and was able to get all 3 spells of first level. Not sure what happened with the other character. Tried the character I could not drop spells to and was able to now - shutting down and restarting seemed to fix issue.  Regarding the spell selection, it did show all the schools for me as well.   Thank you!
Forum Champion
Hey Keith -  Happy to help! We'll make sure to keep this experience and your feedback in mind for any future updates to the Charactermancer. If you need anything else at all, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks!