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One of my players has a broken Skill statistic and It keeps on increasing.

In my game "The Realm of Might and Mystery" One of my players: A kenku multiclassing level 2 illusion school wizard and level 2 Trickery Domain Cleric. For some reason, their Performance Stat keeps increasing and it's reached a 50 modifier when it's supposed to be 5, a while ago it was 45 but when I tried to see if it was a glitch by removing the proficiency and adding it on again it increased to 50. I've done a temporary fix by adding a -45 modifier in the settings tab. but I'd like a permanent fix if possible. Has this happened to anyone else and if so did you fix it? (If yes how?)
Roll20 Team
Hi Daniel H. -  Hmmm that's strange - we can certainly investigate this for you. Would you mind providing the name of the character in question so we can take a look? Thanks!  
The character would be "kraktee ruffled finefeather" as I said before I am unsure as to what the problem is but I've added a -45 modifier in the cog menu on his character sheet
Roll20 Team
Hi Daniel H. - Okay, I believe I was able to fix it for you. Would you mind reviewing their character to make sure it looks good on your end? Thanks! :)
That's fixed it perfectly Thanks so much.
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For the benefit of those who might run into the same issue, can you reveal what the problem was?
Roll20 Team
Hey all - Glad to hear it's working now! :) Unfortunately, the cause of the issue is unknown at this time and we are still conducting further investigation. However, our workaround for this was to manually update the corresponding bad attribute value within the Attributes & Abilities tab of the journal entry. @Daniel H. - For further insight into this, do you know if you or your player used the Charactermancer for this sheet? Or did you manually add in the values and information?
My player made the character manually