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[5E][Free][New Players][Wed][CEST] Lost mine of Phandelver into - 2 slots open, fresh start!


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Hey there - My name's Jess! I'm currently looking for two more players to round up my LMoP adventure. Are you a new player looking to learn, or maybe you're a veteran who never got the chance to play this heroic mission - all are welcome! Time: Wednesday CEST 7PM Period: Weekly Price: Free! Format: Roll20, Discord - No video Age: 13+ since this mission doesn't go heavy into mature subjects Setting: Lost Mine of Phandelver - start at first level and end at 4/5. After that we choose a module to continue with. (Such as Dungeon of the Mad Mage) Allowed content: Players Handbook only as a base, other books and homebrew only after asking me. I want this one to be basic and simple with class/race. Experience: None needed! Sound: I really value a good microphone and no background noice. This might be the only real requirement. So - Who's Jess? 28, he/him, from the coldness of Sweden. Been playing TTRPG's for about half my life and being a DM for almost all my games. Most played game would be Pathfinder with 5E creeping up as a new winner. I currently run two other campaigns - both Dungeon of the Mad mage. I like to do voices! No expert, but I voice most of my NPCs and some random folk you come across. I own the material we need here on Roll20 - charmancer can be used! Rule of fun applies to my game. We want fun over all else. Wanna flip over that barrel before making an attack? Have at it! Active on Discord - never late to a game. LGBTQ+ person who invites other from the community to come share our passion for games. I run friendly games! Session 0 will start tomorrow with character creation, introduction and our first trip into the adventure itself. Soft, relaxed start! If you have any questions or are interested in joining then please post below with who you are and why you want to join. If you have a character ready then you can tell some about them as well, but keep it short. (no 10 pages backstory...yet!) Ta-ta! =)
I would be interested in being one of your 2 players.  Im an old time player, just coming back. DM a bit on here, but looking to play one.  I am a tactical layer willing to fit any roll. I can tell more if interested. 
Im interested in joining.  Im a player whose played in different 5 campains before but all have fallen through. I have different characters in mind depended on how the others feel (Since I cant play, became a character creation addict). Please PM me if there is any space, I am usually free most evenings, and weekends.  I also have a decent mic, and am familiar with roll20

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I would very much love a chance to participate! A bit about me: 27/Male/USA. I've been DMing D&D 5e for about 3 years now and sadly only been able to play once for a short time. I've ran entirely homebrew because I have a deep love and appreciation for the fun of improv. I'm very much a fan of role play and lighthearted fun, far from a min/maxer - I like the idea of having flaws and failing forward, it creates a deeper and more interesting story. I have an idea for a Halfling Bard, very gullible and easily fooled because of blind optimism. I would build it more like a support type, buffing allies and such. If that doesn't fit the party, I'm open to playing something else! Also, I have a high quality studio microphone, so my sound quality should be alright!

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I've just played LMoP with one of my RL groups, do you still allow me to join? If yes, I would like to do so, especially since I've received no reaction to my applications to two other groups. My real name is Sebastian, 22, male, Austria. I've been playing DnD for almost a year, I've started with LMoP which we finished this weekend, since we only  met to play once in like every two or three months, but now I want to play more regularly and have also joined a second (homebrew) RL campaign which is played weekly. I have two concepts/characters i can play, one is a mountain dwarf barbarian, the other is a wood elf ranger/cleric (originally created as a halfling for the homebrew), and of course I can also create a new character if you want. If you want, you can also directly contact me via discord: Semako#2501
Heya I'm 24 years old and have been playing DnD for 8 months now (Still very new). I like to practice RPing more and im down to try out new things. Im familiar with most of the basic DnD combats, but Im willing to learn. Hope to hear from you soon! - Seru Here's my short character run down: NAME: Sven Syke [Variant Human] ALIGNMENT: Neutral CLASS: Rogue BACKSTORY: Sven works as a bodyguard freelancer in the black market world. As long as someone pays, he will put his life on the line to protect no matter who the cilents are. Sven needs the coin to find medicine for his sickly daughter Alice who currently resides with Sven's Brother in Law, Tom Cavius. Sven roams the world constantly seeking work, and sending majority of his earnings to Cavius; hoping that the gold will lead Cavius to a cure.  (Not quite finished yet but its a quick summary)