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Help Starting with New Module

Hey everyone, I'm a first-time DM running a party of mostly first-time players, and this is all our first time using roll20. I purchased the Lost Mines of Phandelver module because I read that was one of the best modules for first-time players and DMs, and I'm having trouble figuring out where to start. I'm aware of the big all-caps "START HERE" folder, but even in just the Game Settings document, I couldn't find half the settings (even after browsing the roll20 Wiki Game Settings article), and it all seems a little overwhelming. Would anyone mind giving a first-time DM some tips on how to get the ball rolling with my campaign, and some methods I can use to really start grasping all the materials and resources given to me by the module? Thank you for reading, I appreciate any help anyone can offer.
Roll20 Team
Hey Magichal - Thanks for reaching out and we're very excited to have you on the platform! This post fits a bit better in our Specific Use Questions &amp; Macros Forum instead, so I went ahead and transferred it over there. As for your question, we highly recommend you go through our tutorial, as seen&nbsp; here . It needs a little love - we are looking to update it sometime in the future - but it's still a great resource as is, even with its dust. Also, if you're more of a fan of video learning, there is a ton of great YouTube content on how to use Roll20 and tips + tricks of the platform. There might even be some stuff dedicated to setting up and running Lost Mines of Phandelver. Some of my favorite videos are from Adam Koebel, who is Roll20's resident GM. Here is one where Adam actually runs through the whole tutorial:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . Also, here is a playlist from our very own Carlos Luna that goes over some Roll20 basics:&nbsp; <a href=";list=PLTj75n3v9eTnOLIjBpzL7N5C9yysxUddJ&amp;index=1" rel="nofollow">;list=PLTj75n3v9eTnOLIjBpzL7N5C9yysxUddJ&amp;index=1</a> . Additionally, as you mentioned, our&nbsp; Wiki&nbsp; and our&nbsp; Help Center &nbsp;are great references if you need specific information on Roll20. Lastly, I'll drop a link to a post created by an amazing community member (keithcurtis) that contains a collection of tips and tricks gathered from the forums.&nbsp; Here you go . Hopefully, some of this information helps to get you started. Otherwise, was there anything else we can specifically answer or assist with? :)
I've run that module 3 times now. I'm just going through my 4th now :) Half of them have been 'text only' but when it comes to running the game, it makes very little difference. I'd be happy to have a chat with you all about it. Drop me a PM or find me on discord #godthedj8424
I'm a first-time DM, and I need some help. I found this cool Halloween themed module from and I bought both the PDF version and the vtt version (compatible with Fantasy Grounds). How do I upload the content of this module to Roll20?