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Game name question.


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Is there a way to change the color of the game name or does it have to be black? Am I overlooking it or something? LOL 
The Aaron
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There isn't a way to change it. 
KK thanks so much. :) I was just making sure I wasn't missing something lol 
If it's really important to you, you could use a browser plugin like Stylus ( not Stylish which does bad things to your privacy) to change the color, but only you would see the change.
Oh nah it's not that big of a deal was curious if I could do it or not. Wanted to use a darker image for the game but with the black font it wasn't looking very good. But thank you for the suggestion. :) 
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You could re-name the game "." or some other unobtrusive character, and then make the title part of the image itself, using whatever fonts and colors you chose. I don't know if there are any characters that might cause problems, so be careful with this approach.
Oh that's smart I like that. I ended up doing kinda that just left the name and it's barley noticeable over the pic but the name of the module was on the pic so they could read that. :D Thanks though that makes a lot more sense. 
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I forget where I heard this because I didn't discover it on my own, but say you have an image for your game that includes the name on it. You can change the name of your game to the following, and it will give your game no name at all.   The net address for the game will become a single dash. I don't know if there are any dangers or side-effects, so user beware.

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Andreas J.
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You could also fill the name with underscores ( _ ), seems to work well. Also less likely to result in problems than having an "empty" name or using html replacement could spawn. Here is how it turned out when I tried it.
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I would go with Andreas's solution as the least problematic.
Thanks, you guys. :)