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Dm looking for players


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Hey I'm a dm who's looking for players, I have a post apocalyptic 5e game ready to be played. New players are welcome! I'm looking for players who are serious about playing (joking and goofs are ok, but who know when to get serious) and can show up for weekly games. For more info or if you are interested join my discord [Mod:Server Link Removed]
Hi, it says your discord invite is invalid but i'm looking for a Friday session.
Hey I am a under 18(18 in December) player with 2 years expeience with the game and am interested in your game. Unfortunately I only have Friday evenings free to play cause of school(GMT+1)
Hello&nbsp;Your God- Hingle McCringleberry, The&nbsp; General Guidelines &nbsp;clause of the&nbsp; Code of Conduct -- Looking for Group supplemental guidelines &nbsp;states: Refrain from publicly posting links to off-site communities (Discord, Facebook groups, etc.) on the LFG Forums and LFG Tools If you have games open to Roll20 users, we encourage you to post&nbsp; LFG listings &nbsp;for those&nbsp; specific games &nbsp;and invite people to your Discord privately.&nbsp; You&nbsp; may&nbsp; place the link on your game details page or on a post to your game details forum or in a private message to someone. You&nbsp; may not&nbsp; place the link on your LFG Listing or in a post to your LFG Listing Discussion forum or in a post to the community forums. If you would like to submit an appeal, you may contact the devs at&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Me and two friends are looking to find a game. When and how often are you looking to run the game?
Hi I am available on weekend's to play.&nbsp; I am very serious on showing up and contributing.&nbsp; Been playing table top games since 2nd edition.&nbsp; I got 3.5 down fairly well.&nbsp; I got 5e down extremely well. If you think I could bring something to your game feel free to contact me.&nbsp;&nbsp;
Hey, I see a few people already posted but I'm also down to play on the weekends, Saturday after noon to late evening work best for me. Some experience on both sides of the table, But fairly new overall. Feel free to message me.
Very new but very interested have read a little bit but know little. Any availability?&nbsp;