Hello, I really want to play a dragon knight character, because the concept of it sounds like just a hell of a lot of fun and so I found one on the Dandwiki page, but it was clear that it had some fairly large issues with balance. so, I copied it all over to a pages document and spent the last little bit editing it and nerfing almost everything about it, from the number of attacks you and your dragon can make, to the attacks themselves. I tried to make it such that (with average die rolls) that the dragon knight class would do a similar total damager per round to a fighter or other front line units. So, I was just curious if you guys could give me some constructive feedback on my work. Please do not insult me or anything like that, simply tell me if you think I balanced it well, If it is still over powered, or if I nerfed it too much (that one's unlikely, but idk) and, if you will be truly constructive and helpful, feel free to leave feedback about any other changes you would make to it. Thanks so much in advance! Link to it: <a href="https://docdro.id/euLwxHh" rel="nofollow">https://docdro.id/euLwxHh</a>