Looking to pay for a GM to run our group through the end of a Paizo AP. Who: A five-year group of four players who decided to play Scooby-Doo characters for this AP. What: Pathfinder 1e's Carrion Crown by Paizo. When: Saturday nights, 7 PM Eastern to 11 PM Eastern. (6-10 Central, 5-9 Mountain, 4-8 Pacific) Where: Roll20 and Discord.  We have an existing campaign that we can transfer to you to save set-up time. Why: To have fun solving mysteries, and hopefully, to finally find Scooby. How: We play by the Rules As Written and use the Pathfinder Society guidelines ( 1 , 2 ) with a handful of documented exceptions .  We do this because we understand the weirdness of the GM as employee, and so we stick to the RAW to avoid awkward situations. Have the session ready to go, run it, and have fun is all we ask; we don't expect any bells or whistles.  We've been paying a flat per-session rate for the last 4 years now that's higher than the paid games I see advertised on Roll20.  We've been using PayPal for payments, but other arrangements could be made if you prefer something else.  We pay in advance. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Promising GMs will have an opportunity to talk to the group on Discord to see what we're about.  Feel free to hit me with any questions you have.