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Thursday Night Weekly Game 8pm Eastern- Looking for 1 or 2 more players


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5e -Standing group (current ages range 30's - 50's) since January that plays every Thursday 8pm eastern is looking for 1 or 2 more players who can commit to weekly play. Each session runs for 3 hrs approx (8pm -11pm). We run two campaigns DM'd by two members playing each campaign for about 4 sessions and then switching.  One game is based in Sword coast the other in Kara-Tur.  The group in the first campaign is currently level 5 and level 8 in the second. We are about to switch to play 4 sessions in the sword coast campaign next week. Current make up of first group is 1/2orc cleric, halfling bard, Tiefling fighter/sorc and a human monk. The Kara-Tur group, Dragonborne Paladin, Changling sorc, human rogue and a human fighter.  Creating Character: 27 point build, using any class/race in the PHB and XGE only please. We use Discord for voice.  Reach out with your preferred idea for a 5th level character and we will build you into the storyline for the Sword Coast campaign to start.

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I am down to do either an elven hunter or wild magic halfling sorcerer! Or really whatever you feel will fill out the party.  30 y/o Trans Woman. Experienced player not so much with roll20.   DM for discord. 
I'm still game if you wanted 1 more. my ideas are are a high elf fighter or hill dwarf cleric.
I like the time slot, and the age range is comfortable - it's rare I'm not automatically the oldest! No problems at all with character creation rules, but it would be nice to have the chance to meet people, if that's possible. If it so happens for me to be chosen, I'm thinking one of three concepts: * A female shield dwarf, originally sent by her clanhold to the cities on the coast to arrange for a trade arrangement that wouldn't run through Luskan for a change. She was invited to sail with some of the ships and got to know the companies, and ended up respecting the sailor's life. (Ancestral Guardian barbarian, follower of Valkur. I might multi-class, but not sure yet). * A paladin/bard (of Sune - a Heartwarden in flavour, if you recall order from older editions). A half-elf born in whatever major city is practical for the campaign, she was raised mostly by her (Elven or half-Elven) mother, as her father (a travelling merchant from Mulhorand) was long gone by the time she was born. Although installed with high ideals from a fairly young age, the reality of the Realms only lately has sunk in, as she started to see more of the fate others were dealt. She's become a lot more reserved, but given the chance, she'll obviously still hold to the beauty she knows lives in everyone. * A lowborn common human, this young rogue had some audacity, but realistically, little hope beyond maybe joining a thieves' guild some distant day. Then, he came across an old, washed-up beggar - and for the price of a bottle of spiced wine and an evening spent listening, he inherited a ragged-worn scabbard with a slender blade, the colour of shadows and forgetfulness. [Swashbucker rogue / hexblade warlock. I would not focus on eldritch blast. The race could be changed, as long as the social environment they were raised in would be possible. I'm actually not sure on their gender yet, which is weird. I'm sure it'll come to me, if this one sounds best to you all.] It would be good to know a bit about what kind of stuff generally happens in your average session. I tend to prefer games that aren't too combat-heavy, but I'm not afraid of it - it's just that other activities tend to drive the story a bit more fulfillingly, in my experience. I also love to connect my characters with existing organisations in-game, although I am content to let that be driven by things I encounter, if you don't want too much of a "background book". I'm looking forward to hearing back from you all. We can discuss anything else in private, here or over Discord (contact me for the #name).
Hi Keith. sorry I just logged in and saw your message.  I'm interested in playing and can make the time slot work.  I was thinking a human or human variant barbarian/paladin.  Thanks
Roscoe “Toe Cleaver” Thornscowl Halfling Barbarian I'll have to redo his stats to fit your game, but everything else is complete.  Rascoe is not one to be messed with. He will take on creatures twice his size if need be. More prideful and reckless than brave, Rascoe will have his dignity respected or he will take your toes as his trophies.
Are you still looking for a player or two? If so, I'd be happy to join. I can make the times on thursdays and am happy to fill any role needed. I've been DnDing since second edition, have dm'd my fair share of games and am willing to work with a group to tell a good story.