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[LFP][5e][Fridays 8PM EST] Adventures in the world of Midgard

The World of Midgard The age of heroes is dead, and the bridge to glory is broken— Bifrost fell long ago. The world is lost in an age of war, of dark wilderness and lost empires sunk beneath the waves. Only magic and the warmth of hope keeps lights aglow when dread things prowl and the priestly wardings shake, bent by hideous demonic rage. In this dark time, new heroes must arise to claim the crowns of Midgard, and restore the jewels to her scattered thrones. New heroes must lead a return to glory!  The campaign will be held in the Midgard setting by  Kobold Press  with homebrew modifications to the politics and magic set in the world. The leveling system will be milestone based and  you will level faster until lvl8ish . Once lvl8 is reached, experience will be introduced again. New ways to use your weapons Sometimes, the combat rules in 5e are so simple that players don't get as much control over their weapons as they would like to. You want to do a  special  attack?  Well, you're going to have to pick this feat, or this feat...  As an addition to the combat system, every weapon gets two new special strikes using the  Beyond Damage Dice  pdf by  Kobold Press . Exemple:  - Greatsword, Arcing Slash.  When you attack with a greatsword, you may choose to target two creatures within your reach with a single attack. This attack uses the same attack roll for both targets and deals slashing damage equal to 1d6 plus your strength modifier to each target. New races Midgard is home to various races that aren't available in a normal d&d 5e game set in the forgotten realms setting. This is your chance to explore the kingdoms as a  centaur , or perhaps a  trollkin  or even a  ravenfolk ! This new world lets your pick one of the following new races amongst all the others published by WOTC (with my approval): - Alseid - Centaur - Dragonkin - Ghoul - Kobold - Minotaur - Ravenfolk - Shadow fey - Trollkin A new system based on reputation The Midgard setting also introduces a new optional rule which we will be using in this campaign: the  status  rule. Your actions have consequences and are reflected on your status number which helps to determine your reputation and your influence in certain areas. The Midgard world is very vast and each of the seven kingdoms have a different view on status. A certain city may have fought through slavery and have had all the nobles thrown out and as a result, those who are more wealthy will be frown upon or even kept from entering the city. In other places, such as in the Northlands, honor means  everything . Rules Most rules are RAW aside from one special rule to keep things realistic when it comes to deaths. We will be using Critical Role's resurrection rules found  here  and the 3-strike rule where if you go down 3 times in a same fight, you are considered dead. As for character creation, these will be the guidelines: - Characters will start at level 5 - Stats will be rolled (won't be lower than a standard 27-point buy) - Starting equipment is your class and background's equipment - You also get to roll your starting gold for your class - Status will be rolled as 1d6 + 1 (before class and race adjustments) - Extras (surrrrprise!) Additional info & applications  This is a  weekly  game. The  game is held on  Fridays at 8PM EST  and lasts 4-6hours. We are looking for an additional player who will fit with the rest of the group. It's not an easy campaign, the fights are hard and not all of them are meant to be won. We swear a lot. We diss each other a lot. We joke around a lot. We try to make this a group of friends who play DnD together (some of us have been playing together for a few years). If you're easily offended, this is not the group for you. If you are interested, please send me a private message  with the following format: - Name: - Age:  - Timezone: - Roleplay experience: - A bit about yourself: If you have any  questions  or simply wish to talk, feel free to send me a message.
Still looking for a player or two.
-Cherry -28 -UTC -I'm quite new to tabletops games but already I'm in love. I really enjoy the storytelling and role play aspects plus I love a good puzzle. I was always playing imaginary games as a kid so this just feels like a natural progression now that I'm a big kid! I find I get along with others easily and I like to have a laugh and make others laugh. I make things for a living and I love all sorts of arts and crafting.
Name: Nessle Age: Eighteen  Timezone: EST Experience: To be honest I've only every played D&D with my friends running original campaigns, around two years of biweekly / monthly games. I don't have any experience with module-based games. However, I'm up for either style.  About me: I'm a pretty chill guy who enjoys fishing and horsing around. I enjoy playing more lighthearted and fun characters but I'm not against playing serious characters if it fits the mood of the game. Hope to hear from ya
Name:greasy Age:17 Timezone: EST Experience: I sadly have no experience at all i've played a lot of rpg video games and one of my friends told me about tabletops so i did some research and watched some youtube videos on it got instantly interested and i've been looking in the forums for people willing to take in new players. About Me: Im a highschool student looking for fun things to do, i'm a carpenter and i have a passion for that. In a couple years ill be going to collage for Construction Management. I might ask some question due to me being new but once i get the hang of it i wont need to ask questions. Beware ive always wanted to be sort of a bad guy maybe an assassin.  Hope to hear from you soon! :D