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Black Star over Deadwood -Deadlands Reloaded

A Sheriff turned Bad was sent to meet his maker by Deadwood Sheriff Katie Karl 25 years ago . now that same Sheriff is back from the dead reaking havoc on the fine folks of Deadwood Bart 'Black Star' Taylor will not rest till Deadwood is a Ghost town . Playing Novice Deadlands Reloaded Deluxe edition seeking 5 players Playing On Saturdays every other week Via DISCORD and roll20 Games will be Captured and played on Youtube. 7-11pm central time
currently have 2 players seeking 3 more
Hey there Partners . seeking Hucksters Mad scientists and Men of God to help Save Deadwood..
Critical Role debuted UNDEADWOOD today , come join our campaign and lets keep Deadlands rollin
We have 3 players Seeking 2 more
Come join the Posse Hombres
seeking 1 more player
This sounds pretty fun, what is the party make up looking like so far?
Lost a Player Seeking 1-2 more Char gen session is coming quick
Lost a player sseeking 2 more
still seeking 2 hombres to play hopefully with deadlands savage worlds xperience
Lost an hombre still seeking 1-2 more
Lost a Player Campaign starts this coming Saturday seeking 1 more Player. message and we will get your character made
Hey, did I get booted?