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Someone is using graphic material that I didn't allowed

Hello guys. The story is a bit complicated with a lot of personal issues. But I played for 2 years in a VTM table. Since I played there, I helped with some graphic stuff (icons, maps etc). This year I had a lot of trouble with the GM. Political opinions started to interfere and a lot of bad things happened, that I prefer to not disclose in public. The issue is that before I left the table, I asked him to delete my graphic work and that I didn't allowed him any of it, since I wasn't playing there and we were not related anymore. But recently, it came to my ears that he reopened the game with another group and still using my stuff. Is there any way to help me make him delete my stuff from roll20? I have all the files in my computer to prove that I made them, specially because I work with maps and I'm graphic designer, so he doesn't have any rights to use my work without permission. If any admin want more explanations in private I will be glad to give them. Thanks for your attention.
Sheet Author
This is one of those things the forums wont be able to help you with. your best bet is to email <a href="mailto:team@roll.net" rel="nofollow">team@roll.net</a> and get customer support directly.