I would like to PURCHASE the bold part "BONUS TIPS" at the bottom.  I have my invisible token but I want to pay someone to set it up for me so that I can have easily changeable tokens for players who want to become invisible.  I am not great with rollable tables but if I have one set up then I can alter as needed or duplicate for future use.  If this can be used with API such as bump or token mod and chat menu or something I would like that as well.  I would need you to show me how to make that work. Invisible Tokens Often in games a character (PC or NPC) is invisible or hidden. Pro subscribers can use the Bump API script, but not everyone is a subscriber, or even if you are, sometimes you need something quick and dirty. Many games just mark the token with an icon and tell everyone that token is invisible and not to metagame. A common way to handle this for NPCs is to place their token on the GM Layer. But switching layers in the middle of a fight is extra work, and the GM Layer won't work for an invisible player-controlled token. This trick's solution is to temporarily use a transparent PNG file for the token and apply an Aura to it that only the controlling player(s) and the GM can see.  Disclaimer:  This is not my original trick; I picked up this tip on the Roll20 forums long ago, but I can't recall who I got it from. First you need a transparent PNG file. You can make one in your favorite graphics editing program, like GIMP, Paint.NET, or PhotoShop. I named mine  utility_clear_invisible_hidden_transparent_token.png  so it would come up in Roll20 image searches whatever term I used to find it. Upload/drag-and-drop it to Roll20. Once the transparent PNG is a token on a game's tabletop, click on it to edit the token. Set the settings (Represents, Controlled By, Bar Values, Has Sight, etc.) as you would for any other token, with the following differences: On the Basic Tab Set an Aura to size 0 and set the color you wish to use. On the Advanced Tab Uncheck the "See" checkboxes for all Player Permissions. Check the "Edit" checkbox for the Aura you set on the Basic tab. Visible Name, Bars, and Auras for the invisible character will reveal its location. If a token is emitting light, it will give away its position. Clear the "Emits Light" values or uncheck the "All Players See Light" checkbox, as appropriate. A careless player may forget and use their light source while invisible; whether you remind them about it or not is up to you. ;-) Set the Ruler tool's visibility to "Hide from others" before using it in relation to an invisible token. Also, even if the Ruler is set to "Hide from others," do not use waypoints in your movement -- the path of the invisible token will be displayed to all. ( Credit to Brent T. for noting these .) Remember to reverse these token and Ruler settings when the token is no longer invisible/hidden. Here are the results: Alabaskar's player thinks he is in trouble: But little does he know his invisible ally, Rabulias, is flanking the Hill Giant, ready to strike for some sneak attack damage: But neither player knows that the GM has an invisible Gnoll flanking Alabaskar: Bonus Tips For tokens that often turn invisible, you can make a Rollable Table token for the character to make the switch a little easier. You still need to change the token settings mentioned above. ( Credit to Ziechael ) If you are a Pro subscriber, you can make a macro that calls the TokenMod API script and sets all the various token settings. You can even make a Roll Query dropdown in the macro that prompts the user to turn invisibility on or off. ( Credit to Ziechael )