b'Urp decides to experiment with the levers on the armrests of that chair. One seems to swivel the orb he is in and the other seems to adjust where the orbiting orbs sit. However as soon as he moves the levers, the nycaloth realises where he is and starts hacking at the orb with a mighty axe. b'Urp decides that there might be an effect if he lines up the orbs, and takes several attempts to as the nycaloth hacks away. Finally the orbs line up and in a moment of clarity b'Urp realises how easy the task was the entire time (DM's note: b'Urp gained 5 points of intelligence from lining up the orbs). However b'Urp does not notice any effect and the Nycaloth is nearly in the orb. He decides that a good move would be to hide behind the chair and so he gets up to move. As he does so the hatch of the orb opens, giving the Nycaloth free access. It comes in swinging. It does not see b'Urp, as b'Urp is still invisible due to the power of the trickster god, Moa. The creature roars in frustration as b'Urp sneaks away through the secret door he previously found. While this has been happening, Javlin has been examining the bulls head with the ivory ring. He discovers that the ring can be removed and does so. The ring disintegrates, but after some experimentation you all find that the corrosive force of the hallway has disappated. He all head down in time to hear the roar of the Nycolith up ahead. Realising that b'Urp must be in trouble you decide to take on the modrons. Tlad casts a circular wall of fire in the vertical shaft. It obscures you view of the shaft, but modrons start pouring out to attack. You take them all down after a short time and Tlad dismisses the wall of fire so you can enter the shaft. You do so, only to see the nycolith appear on the opposite platform. You all attack, jumping across the shaft with the aid of the chains descending and ascending. Suddenly there are 3 more nycoliths, but you realise that the creature has cast a 'mirror image' spell upon itself. b'Urp arrives behind you, having run all the way from the control room and back around to where you are and he joins the fight.  You defeat the creature before too long, but you are totally spent. You move back to a safer location and take a long rest.