Hello Everyone :) I'd like to introduce you to a product of mine called 'Soloman Temple Squares' - which aims to be the largest modular dungeon tile system ever created for RPG and is coming soon to Roll20. With over 320 sets comprising more than 46,000 individual tiles - S.T.S offers unprecedented range for foundational dungeon building. Each tile measures 8x8 squares/units and Each set, contains 144 different designs. STS features the standard colour spectrum you'd expect for classic tile building - from old school blue and white, dungeon stone texture grey, or brown and white hatch: but also features possibly the largest range of modular dungeon tiles in existence with enough colours to suit almost any requirement. The colour and theme of your dungeon can completely alter the mood, emotion, feeling and atmosphere of your adventure. Whether you need environmental representation (hot, cold, misty, dry), planar representation, other dimensions, planets, underwater, sky, futuristic, superhero, fantasy or sci-fi dungeon tiles - STS has them so you can customize an appropriate dungeon or layout to suit. Players climbing down a well? Travelling through a portal? Exploring some celestial or elemental plane? Braving the intense fires of a dwarven forge or the fires of hell itself? In an icy dungeon or a mouldy, mossy sewer? Ancient temple or hellfire spawnpoint? Fallen through the ethers into some unknown space? Perhaps affected by some gas, poison or hallucinogenic substance that alters their reality? Crossed over to the otherside? Been transported inside a computer or high-security system? Submerged underwater diving for treasure, wandering about some atlantean sub-city, or maybe even diving to the core of the planet through an abyssal chasm? Found some water-dwelling species or lovecraftian dimension with strange geometry and insane colours? --- Soloman Temple Squares can cover all these eventualities and thousands more giving you the building blocks to make a dungeon for virtually any scenario you want to - especially the strange ones. With STS you can easily rebuild classic maps with the correct specifications for Virtual Table Top - or make your own custom monster labyrinths. Built on a 1" grid (and sized for 140x140 for R20) it is designed for making maps within VTT allowing you to preserve the tactical accuracy by scaling furnishings accordingly so your maps aren't pinched for room or out of scale and characters can move freely through the environment without standing on furnishings. - Each set, is identical in layout to all the others except for its colouring/theme - so a (3) in one set will be the same in all other sets. Each set has its own individual name (featured in the tag as well) so you can easily find what you are looking for among your collection. Just look for tile or square to bring up your Squares. - Treat the background as walls, add walls, or use it as water, slime, fire, lava, air, chasms. - Rotate and join the 144 different tiles to create a virtually unlimited array of layouts. - Join 4 of the same together to create beautiful symmetrical patterning in your dungeon. - Transition from upper/lower dungeon levels using different colours to indicate difficulty like the system employed by the game Diablo. - Create dungeons with huge colour variation for different areas just for the look, or signifying environmental changes, (gas, marsh, extreme heat/cold, darkness, slippery, mouldy etc). - Craft gigantic super-dungeons and keep the design fresh by using the huge range of tile designs and huge range of tile sets to construct enormous effortless structures as if by magic like the great architect Soloman himself. - STS is also compatible with my Meanders: Modular Battlemap series using a similar stone patterning - allowing you to easily drop in art-matching, custom expansion areas connected to an exit/entrance or where ever you like. Here are the designs in each set: I will be releasing sets periodically to help expand the collection. ------------