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Items disappearing from library

I followed the steps, cleared the cache, but items are just disappearing from my library. Maps, character pictures, even the cover image for one of my games.. before this, there was an issue with items duplicating themselves. I figured it wasn't duplicates and that it was just showing the wrong items, but then items started disappearing. Not just from the library, but players could not see them on the map either. It was like they were deleted out of the library. Since items were disappearing anyway, I removed the duplicates which were adding to the library storage limit, but it then removed the duplicates as well... At current, I've cleared some of my library and the total space used was around 79mb vs the 89 it says is in there. I'm fairly certain the extra 10 mb is the kb not listed for the larger files, so I think its accurate, but files i didnt delete are still missing.
I just came back to it and one of my maps disapeared on its own again . I can see it on my screen, but its not in my library and players cant see the map
Roll20 Team
Hi Nicky H. -  To confirm, is this issue happening on all your games, or just one game in particular? Either way, would you mind providing me with a link to or the name of a game experiencing this issue, please? Thanks!
Hey! Thanks for replying to me! It’s happened in 2 of 3 of my games Tall mountain: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> With this game, the cover photo disappeared and I've put a new one now, but this is the one that had duplication issues earlier Checkmate which I'm prepping: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> "1cheshire islandbottomright.png" disappeared only a little bit after I left the game. I went back to show something to a friend and the bottom corner disappeared. it was on the map in my screen, but not in my library and not on their screen. Since clearing my library not too long ago, I haven't had any issues yet, but thank you again for helping me out with this issue!

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Roll20 Team
Hi&nbsp;Nicky H. - Gotcha! Thanks for the additional information. So just to confirm, you were over your storage quota when these issues were occurring? And now that you removed some assets, the issue is no longer coming up?
nope, I was still under my quota. I try to keep an eye on the size of the files i upload and shrink them to save space
Roll20 Team
Hi&nbsp;Nicky H. - Hmm very strange. Well, our apologies for the trouble and confusion! Have you noticed the issue crop up again yet?&nbsp;
Hi Nicholas: Not sure if I should post this here or start my own thread, but I'm having a similar issue.&nbsp; A large chunk of my art assets just disappeared.&nbsp; I was moving things around, trying to get organized, when suddenly they were just gone. I was also having duplicate items show up occasionally, but that was rare, so it wasn't a big problem.
The issue hasn't happened again yet, its a little sporadic, but i'm just keepin' an eye on it for now and Scott I wasn't sure when i made this thread either, but i couldn't find anything similar. in anycase, i just wanted to let someone know that this issue had occurred just in case it was an easy fix or something bigger. :)
I too noticed this today that a map I've put in three days ago as I was preparing a new campaign, had outright vanished. The icon in the toolbar was showing a broken image link and couldn't find it anywhere anymore in my library. Ended up remaking the entire thing. I still got heaps of storage left too as I'm so far only using 189 MB / 3072 MB. Upon trying to delete the page, the page itself seemed to briefly be removed from the toolbar, to just pop back up again - leading me to refresh the entire browser and all those steps. The second time I've deleted the page it seemed to work - now I'm just hoping the map will stick around. :|
Roll20 Team
Hi everyone - Thank you for the additional reports. Would you mind sending me a link to a game that is experiencing this issue, please? Additionally, can you please provide the below information as well, whenever you get a chance? Thank you! Your computer's settings (A good place to find this info if you don't know it is&nbsp; Support Details ): Web Browser Browser Version Operating System If Javascript is enabled Your anti-virus software List of any browser add-ons or extensions enabled A Console Log from the moment you logged into the page through when you encountered the issue. Directions for providing a console log in Chrome can be seen here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . The directions for Firefox will be similar, but will use the Firefox interface, which is described here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> .
I will if it occurs again, but so far things are good :)