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[LFP/G][5e][FREE] DM running Deaths House (optional curse of strahd content)

Hi, I'm Victoria, and I've been playing D&D for a couple years now and DMing one shots for a few months off and on. I will be running optional content from Curse of Strahd that will cover levels 1 and 2 so please have both ready, so that you are able to level your character over a short 5-10 min break if needed. The sessions will be Wednesdays 8-10:30pm, starting 11/13 (ending time may vary a bit situationally). We will play weekly until the content is completed, which should not take more than 3 sessions. Primarily RAW. More details and rules below. (New Players Welcome)  [Voice and video call game] {Skype} Mandatory Rules:  *Respect the DM and fellow players any trash talk or disrespect of another player will result in being banned from future sessions. *Intentional Glory Hogging or Fighting with the group or the group’s decision, or trying to break the game will result in being asked to leave. * Quality internet connection (It is a huge distraction when someone has such poor internet that they can not be understood VIA voice chat)[Skype will be utilized] Character Creation: All of the following official Content is approved to use. Players handbook 5th edition Xanathar's guide to everything Volo's guide to monsters Swordcoast Adventurers Guide  Appendix A Character options for Curse of Strahd If you have any questions about me, the campaign, rules, etc. please message me or post here. 
Which time zone are you going to be playing in? I would be interested if it will be EST or US central.