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[LFP] DnD 5e Homebrew World

So we have a group that just lost a member, we have been playing for about 8 months and need to fill one slot. The story is kinda expansive, but recent events have lead us to the isolated human lands, and they found out that the church of pelor had some corruption going on, then investigated it found a cult of torog and ended up rooting the cult and killing their powerful high priest. In the midst of this one of the players found out he has a noble right to the crown. But the king was just killed because of a political matter involving a few other races and some wars from the main land. So now they are going to head to the capital land and see if they can get this whole nobility thing sorted out. Our group consists of: Human Fighter Human Monk Dwarf Cleric We play every other Monday from 8pm-12pm CST I have some slight alterations to some races, I have some restrictions and a few homebrew rules. PM me your discord and we can talk it over.
I'd definitely be interested, but is there a chance you'd be willing to take two players? My best friend and I are looking to join a group together.
What level is the party at? I'd be interested if you're still looking.
@tiffany: maybe @michael level 8
I'll plug & play whatever
@Lavathor it would be myself playing as a tiefling rogue and my best friend who plays a drow sorcerer I believe but we can taylor to the group needs. I'll PM you my discord and if you're interested you can message me there :)
Hey there!    My name is Trent, I am 24 years young.I am a sommelier in Arizona (MST) working for several Winery's around the state. My open schedule of Monday through Thursday any time of day I feel makes me a very reliable candidate for the position as I only work weekends.    I have been playing D&D for around 5 or so years both as a DM for friends and family as well as a Player when I can find an open game. These last 2 years have been mainly me running games, so I long for the adventure of role-playing a single PC rather than 1000 NPCs. My love for character creating and fantasy has provided a large "vault of characters" I have at the ready eagerly awaiting there chance to set out into the world. My passion for D&D specifically has grown so much so that one day I hope to be able to Stream games or have business similar to that of Critical Role. Voice acting has been a dream of mine as well and I feel allows me to give my characters a great depth as I try to give each one a voice that fits their "Region of Origin".   I have DM'd multiple campaigns, have a solid understanding of the mechanics and a passion for the story and character growth as a player and with a party. With that in mind I think I can bring a very solid, and reliable player to a seat at your table so to speak.   Thanks for your time!
Okay spot is taken. But I have another group that i might have some spots open. We play the same time but on the opposite monday. So every other Monday 8pm-12pm cst. We are at the end of an arc so I'm not sure what we are going to do for the next arc, maybe some dungeon diving. Again PM me your discord and we'll talk. If you don't send me your discord it will be ignored.