Edit (Nov 6, 2019):&nbsp; Yesterday, we released an update to the Zoom tool on Roll20. Our intention was to address user requests by simplifying the existing tool and more closely aligning with modern standards. Unfortunately, the update missed the mark - and more critically, created usability issues for users. As a result, we've decided to roll back the update and revert to the previous version while we continue work on the new Zoom. The code released yesterday is still available on the Dev Server , including yesterday’s hot fixes, for your continued input.&nbsp; We apologize for the inconvenience to our players and GMs and are grateful to our community for the quality and volume of constructive and passionate feedback we received.&nbsp; The rollback is effective now. Please see our forum post for more information .&nbsp; Greetings! Payment Processing For the past several months, we've being doing a lot of work on the payment processing system, both programming it and rigorously testing it to make sure it works properly before going live. We announced that on the Roll20 Blog .&nbsp; Although you won't see a lot of changes from your side, we've updated the backend for how our system talks with our payment processor. We did this to stay up to date with current payment security practices, and to provide a more reliable payment experience. One thing you might notice is that when you go to make a purchase, the "Gift Recipient" drop-down menu is a little cleaner and nicer looking. Feedback Welcome We tested this extensively before bringing it to the rest of Roll20, but we know things happen even with the most robust system. Because your payment information is sensitive, if you have any issues with payment processing or feedback about this change, please email <a href="mailto:team@roll20.net" rel="nofollow">team@roll20.net</a> .&nbsp; Character Sheets D&amp;D 5e by Roll20: More groundwork support for future Eberron release, updated Charactermancer to better support duplicate compendium pages. Pathfinder 2 by Roll20: Fixed NPC drag and drop default settings Fixed NPC spellcaster sheet showing PC checkboxes Rolling for critical damage is now an option in the sheet settings We had an October roundtable! Catch the video here . And don't miss the November Roundtable on November 6! Looking for previous release notes? Read the full list on the helpdesk , or check out the most recent note . Today we pushed some major updates to the the Zoom tool and payment processing! Check out the&nbsp; announcement post on the Roll20 Blog . The Zoom Tool This update improves how zooming and panning work on the VTT! Removed the zoom slider in the top right corner of the VTT. Zoom buttons for + and - are now available in the bottom right corner of the VTT. These are also available through keyboard shortcuts (+ and - on your keyboard) Fixed a bug in Firefox where the zoom tool on the toolbar didn't allow you to select a zoom level. Redesigned how the zoom and pan tools work with the scrollwheel on a mouse (see below!) How it Works Zoom Default Focus The biggest change is that the zoom tool will center on wherever your pointer is on the tabletop when you zoom in or out. Scroll Wheel Zoom The scroll wheel now controls the zoom level by default. This is a more common interface for navigating maps today, and we wanted to emulate that behavior. Each mouse wheel "click" zooms by 5%, allowing finer control over your zoom. To pan the tabletop, you can still right-click and drag the view around, but now that can be done on all Toolbox tools. There's also a little notification that pops up to remind you of the new scroll wheel behavior. It shows up the first time you use the scroll wheel in a session for about 30 seconds. It can be dismissed manually, and saves a cookie to prevent it from coming back until your next session. As we continue developing this part of the UI, we intend to phase that notification out. It's also on the live server this week to let everyone know the Zoom tool is changing soon. Toolbar Zoom On the toolbar, you can now select a zoom percentage in increments of 10%, from 10% to 250%. Zoom Buttons and Shortcut Keys We took out the clunky zoom slider in the upper right corner of the tabletop, and moved to the more common plus and minus buttons, now located in the lower right corner of the tabletop. These button are also accessible using the + and - keys as keyboard shortcuts. Legacy Option If you really don't like the scroll wheel zoom option, and still want it to pan, you can change that in the game settings tab. Related Suggestions We looked at a lot of suggestions for this enhancement, and did a lot of research into current user interface design practices for zooming on a map. Here are a few of the suggestions we considered when making this update: Zoom Enhancements Better Zoom Control Hot Key for Zoom in/out Smoother Zoom Mouse Wheel Zoom Feedback Welcome We tested this internally and on the Development Server before bringing it to the rest of Roll20. If you have feedback on the new zoom and pan tools,&nbsp; please post them in this thread .