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[LFP][DnD5e][LiveText][18+][Wednesday 9:00 PM CST] Rise of the Runelords Book 1

Time: Wendsday 9:00 PM CST System: DnD 5e Gonna run a Roleplay heavy conversion of Rise of the Runelords for DnD 5e, 18+ players for language, and violence, Pathfinder APs tend to have alot more gore and horror themes than DnD 5e usually does. Let me know your interest and a bit about the character you would like to play. If your unfamiliar with the setting feel free to grab the Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide online, as it is free and will give you a bit of insight.
Hi! I'm pretty interested in this. Is this text only? And are you ok if I might work on wednesdays, if thats the case then I get off work at 10:30. I usually have wednesdays off otherwise but these low wage jobs tend to give you random schedules.
It's text only and the best I can do is maybe move the game to Tuesday, moving the game to be that late would probably make it too hard to find other players
I'm fine with changing days as long as the others are. In the worst case, you can make my character drop out for the session if I end up working that late and then I'll rejoin later on. Late nights at work, I'll be able to follow along from time to time anyways to keep up with how things are going and reply every so often. But I'm down to play on wednesdays! I don't know much about the setting as I don't know pathfinder specific lore or modules because I haven't played it before so I'll try my best to make a character that can fit in. My first thought is a drow sorcerer who has a bloodline mixed with dragon's blood. A sorcerer who is newly awakened to his/her power and wants to learn how to control it while also attempting to stop whatever is troubling the lands. They come from a harsh noble family that exiled them from the dark elvish life style, branding them as a failure for being unable to adapt to the sadistic drow ways. They'd use a range of evocation and abjuration spells to protect while also nuking enemies from afar. Most likely fire with red dragon ancestry.