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Drop down menu map management.

Score + 13
Been DMing on roll20 for a while. Map management needs to be improved and made more streamline. Combats Could go from map to map having a system where you use a drop down map menu and having an easy way to switch between the maps. Scrolling between maps to switch is time consuming with adventures like Curse of Strahd or Waterdeep where there are a ton of maps.A drop down menu would make it just a click away to switch. This really becomes an issue when you have a split party where the party is on two different maps and in one large fight. 
Also Map folders would be great set up according to chapter. 
The DM could be able to place an element only DMs can see, with size 1x1 square - on placing this element the DM must select another existing map. "On Click" this element would load another map on the screen, just like if the DM opened the top map list, moved the players flag (and himself) to another map.