This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of &lt;$70 US over Paypal for the first month, weekly rate to follow&gt;. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. LFG Listing: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Tired of people just flaking on you randomly? I know I am. That's why I'm offering the following, a game of Pathfinder (1e or 2e) or D&amp;D (any Edition) where everyone's locked in for the first month of play. That's 4 games in as many weeks you know everyone's going to be there, on time, and ready to roll some polyhedrons. And to entice this further we have our own dedicated artist who will draw your characters and tokens! After everyone has their own tokens we'll even be taking snapshots of iconic events that happened in game and having them drawn, for posterity and visual impact! Your cash will be going towards all of this and making sure that the game has the best visual, and auditory flare possible and at the same time assuring that everyone at the table is just as invested in the game as you are. A bit about myself I as a DM I have been running for 12+ years (been playing for close to 20) and honestly have spent most of that time running 3.5 D&amp;D, though I have run my fair share of Pathfinder (as has everyone who's from that era), and have been running 5e since it came out. I'm pretty jazzed for Pathfinder 2e, though wondering how well it will pan out given 5e is now a thing and the niche 1e PF had is no longer in existence. I typically spend about an hour of prep time per 2 hours of play, making maps, selecting music, ect. Though honestly time spent on a task does not, in my opinion determine quality. So instead I point to the fact that I have a patreon where people pay me $200 US a month to just run casual games and share my homebrew (if you want a more casual game your welcome to contribute to that as well, 1$ a month gets you into a game, currently looking for people for a game on Sunday where all the PCs are True Dragons) My style of play is pretty laissez faire, meaning I'm down for anything you want to play. I've been known to homebrew up something on the spot just as a response to a player's whim. I'm also laid back as a DM, letting you handle situations as you see fit, and leaving plenty of options for you to choose. Combat is itself a puzzle, and I treat it like such. Sometimes you can find solutions without even drawing your weapon. Time The time I'm currently running this is&nbsp; Sunday at 10:30PM EDT-EST / 7:30PM PST There is also seating for another one of these at 6 PM EDT-EST the same day &nbsp;but I'm free most days and times if that time doesn't work out and have multiple people with other availability&nbsp; waiting to sign on with others at other times . If your interested in a story and player driven game where you decide your destiny with a very laze-fare, take it as it goes DM this is your game. I have several ideas for this campaign already but if you have a module you *really* want to run I'm willing to drop my plans of homebrew, I'm really stocked to play Decent into Avernus. The Homebrew Basic plot synopsis is that of a band of government agents sent out to track down the stronghold of the world's most famous criminal. The setting is one of my own design, fully fleshed out over years of work. The best way to describe it would be an "Epic fantasy" world where there is a lot of magic, monsters, and villains in need of dealing with. The world's history itself has largely been shaped by player action and past campaigns so by playing in it your adding to that narrative as well.