Hello everyone! I'm looking to get back into Roleplaying. I'd previously been looking for a daytime game but my Friday afternoons just opened up (I can play between 3 and 8 CST, preferably bi-weekly). I'm willing to bet I'll be a bit rusty as it's been years since I've played, but I'll make sure to brush up on the rules and such. I'm mainly looking for a fun campaign with a mix of combat and RP, homebrew or Paizo materials are all fine. My caveats are I'm not looking for an evil campaign or living world, as I've tried both in the past and didn't enjoy them all that much. I have the supplements for Pathfinder 1E and can get 2E if needed. I'm also willing to playe D&D5E, although I would be learning from scratch with that system. Happy adventuring!