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[LFP][5e] [18+] Seeking Players For Friday Night Campaign

The world was saved by a group of adventurers two years prior. You are a group of mercenaries that are still cleaning up the remains of a corrupted world. So far, you've been dealing with simple bandits or the occasional hag, but now, something truly evil looms over the horizon... I'm looking for a few more players to join a homebrew campaign that is on Friday(6:30pm - 11:00pm EST). Homebrew races are at DM's discretion and classes are official content only. New players are welcome to join! We have no problem helping people get their feet wet in the wonderful world of D&D! That being said, people who have played D&D for a while are welcome to join as well! Just know, we aren't very rules heavy and encourage creative problem solving in regards to combat, encounters, and the game in general. We use Discord for voice which is a requirement and want to keep the players 18 and over as we are in our mid-twenties ourselves. If you are interested, leave a message about the character you would like to play and tell us a bit about yourself and what you look for in a campaign!

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My girlfriend and I (both 5e players) would be interested. We both use discord and are familiar with Roll20. I would be playing a bard and she would likely be playing a monk. I have played years of 3e/3.5e and have several years of 5e under my belt. My gf has played 1 campaign in 5e. I've been both a DM and a player so I can relate to the challenges a DM has.  What I look for in a DM/Campaign is that players have the ability to create unorthodox solutions to combat, stealth, social encounters and other challenges. Creative moments make memorable ones. 
Hey I'd be interested as well! I'm 34 and have played in a campaign (not on roll20) for about a year and a half now, so I'm familiar with the rules and such.  My go-to character is tempest cleric, but I'm pretty flexible based on what the party needs. My play style is about 50/50 split btwn RP and combat.  Let me know! 
I would be interested. I am 24 yrs old. I have been playing 5e for awhile now and have been DM (IRL and Roll20) for a couple years now. I love playing Warlocks and enjoy the role-play aspect of the game as well as the combat
Hello  Who my Character is: Anathema  Crowley I would like to join as an old one warlock with the archaeologist background. Her brothers and her were leaders of an expedition when they found a yuan-ti temple that held untold treasures and an idol. She had no interest in anything but the idol, her brothers on the other hand were obsessed with the wealth and became paranoid (likely due to influences other than just the gold). They became convinced that she would steal it. When she was in another room of the temple her brothers triggered a trap intentionally that separated her from them. She fell into the hands of the yuan-ti and barely escaped with her life.  She has no idea where her brothers are, but she seeks vengeance against them for abandoning her. Who I am: My name is Kiran and I am a 30 year old dnd player who has been playing for 12+ years. I love this game, love meeting players and their characters, and absolutely adore home brewed content. This game sounds rad!

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sounds interesting! i'm familiar with both roll20 and discord. i'm from the UK but timezones don't get in the way for my love of D+D! 
As for me,  im shaun (27) From scotland, and i love playing D+D at any time of the day.  Character is a Dwarven Cleric or cleric/gunslinger named Gorad Oynxgrog (if you allow gunslinger) who is on a mission to record his adventures and become a renowned writer in the future, and attempt to help as many people as possible on the way. I have a rough backstory for him, but i'd need more info on the actual setting before finishing it  and when i join campaigns i don't expect anything. If i don't have any expectations, i can't be disappointed. but a good mix of Combat and RP doesnt go amiss! 

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Hey there,  My name is Cam and I’m 30. I’ve been playing D&D for about 2 years now, I got into it through Critical role and fell in the love with the game, the storytelling and character driven moments. Whether it be a single party member or as a group.  I would love to play a human transmutation Wizard. He is an archeologist who loves to study ancient lore. Whether it be magical or just ancient history. He also has be known to tinker with items here and there to create useful or interesting items. There’s more to his backstory that I would like to keep hidden unless I'm selected :).  I play D&D to bring my characters to life and interact in a fun story. I love RP in character and exciting battles when they occur. As for what I’m looking for, mainly I just want to have fun! I’m pretty easy going so as long as everyone is into it then I would be as well. All the usual D&D hooks as well, great story, battles and loot. :) My discord is Unelli12#0407 if you find it easier to talk there. Hope to hear from you!
Hello my name is Jay/Knight and i am 34. i have some experience over the years with RPGs in general but i am by no means an expert in any of them. i really enjoy playing two-weapon fighting characters but am open to just about anything. i have many creative problems and it can be kinda hard for me to really get into a character. once i have though, i stick with them until they die or the game is over with. if the character becomes obsolete, will ask to rebuild the character or if i can build a new one if the rebuild doesn't work. other than that there really isn't much i can say about myself.