Undrek'Thoz A weekly D&D5e game. Will be played on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. It depends on what day off I have from work. We can possibly play more than once a week if each of us has a free day. NEW PLAYERS WELCOME! 18+, I should mention that this game will contain a lot of mature content. You've been warned. The underdark is a cruel and evil place filled with creatures that are equally so. The most prominent of these creatures are the drow, the dark elves. The masters of the dark and wielder of the blade stuck in your back take the center stage! In this campaign you play as a noble family of drow in a great underdark city named Undrek'Thoz. Each of you are members of this family with a bit of adventure experience under your belt already before you even graduate from the Academy that you'll enroll in the next year. You and siblings are constantly facing the struggles as any young adult drow; trying to not step of spiders, avoiding your rivals' assassination attempts, and trying not to get eaten by the umberhulks or mind flayers. Your goal? Up to you! I do have a few incentives in this campaign but this is an evil campaign. You're not the good guys, you're the villains. The idea I have for you to follow in this campaign is breaking the drow of Lolths grasp to that they can truly unite in one uniform faction instead of playing Lolth's endless game of chaotic betrayals that keep the drow separate, weak, and easily manipulated. If you take up this goal then you will have to work hard not to let your heretical ideas come into the light as well as work together to eventually find a way to get rid of the spider queen once and for all! And after that... world domination maybe, I don't know. DM me on discord if you're interested in joining! The campaign starts at level 5 and can be a normal adventurer campaign with edgy players or you can take the role of future kings, queens, overlords that conquer the drow, the underdark, and eventually the surface. The world is your sandbox! Discord name: Spoonri#6763