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Sheet Workers not running

Okay I'm going a little insane here.&nbsp; I have been working on the next major release of my Mythras sheet which is a complete rewrite from the ground up and started working on some of the sheet worker stuff.&nbsp; I found that that the sheet workers did not appear to be running at all.&nbsp; No console logs are showing up in the console.&nbsp; To debug I started breaking things down into more simple tests.&nbsp; Eventually I created a fresh new campaign, disabled all my extensions, started with a new browser profile and reduced the custom sheet code down to: &lt;div&gt;&lt;/div&gt; &lt;script type=text/worker&gt; on('sheet:opened',function(){ &nbsp; &nbsp; console.log("Sheet worker test"); }); &lt;/script&gt; Still I am getting no "Sheet worker test" in the console.&nbsp; My console logs are: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Any clue why this may not be working?
Okay so soon as I posted this I got the idea to put "" around text/worker and replace the single quotes around sheet:opened &nbsp;with double quotes and add some spacing, ie ,_function()_{.&nbsp; One of those things or a combination of them got things working again.
And in case anyone else ever runs into this.&nbsp; I reversed my changed one by one and it was wrapping text/worker in double quotes that fixed it.
Scott C.
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Yes, the script and roll template tags require property values to be wrapped in full quotes.
Since this has been resolved I will close the thread.