We’re looking for a player or two to join our long-term D&D 5e campaign.  The game runs Monday evenings from 5pm to approx. 7pm Central time.  We play in Roll20 with voice-only communication through Discord.  We've been playing for a few months, and characters are currently level 4. Technology requirements:  a decent computer (with Chrome preferred), headset, Roll20 and Discord. Personality requirements:  to be a good fit with the group, we are looking for players who have a good-natured, team-oriented attitude…someone who not only likes to have fun, but helps ensure everyone else is having fun too.  We are a fairly laid back group, and the tone of the game is mostly serious. DM style:  my style as a DM is I try to create a memorable, shared experience that everyone enjoys and looks forward to week after week.  I generally run a mix of roleplay, exploration, and combat, with some mystery and strategy from time to time.  The exact mix fluctuates based on what a given group of players enjoys most.  I do not compete with my players and don’t mesh well with players who are used to that dynamic in previous games.  My games are PG-13 (ish), but for many reasons I require players to be 18 years old or older. The setting:  we are playing in Greyhawk, the original campaign setting developed by Gary Gygax, the primary creator of Dungeons and Dragons back in the late 1970s and early 80s.  Knowledge of Greyhawk is not required, but the main factor that affects character creation is there are no Dragonborn or Tiefling races.  We use D&D 5th Edition with some homebrew added.  This particular campaign uses “hardcore” rules designed to make the game a bit more challenging.  This game is a bit different in that you will sometimes be playing other characters in the setting besides your "main" character, which could be just a brief cut-scene or it could be something deeper. Specifics are all laid out in detail inside the game, but if you have any questions that may affect whether or not you are interested, please PM me. Flexibility:  as a bonus, if you have any flexibility in your schedule, that is helpful.  Sometimes things come up that make Monday a bad night for one or more players or myself, and I like to try to schedule an alternate night so we don’t miss a week.  This is, however, not a requirement. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please PM me (don’t reply in this thread) with your particulars (name, age, location, years of experience with role-players/D&D/Roll20).  Please also include some information that will help me understand what you are like as a player.  What do you look for in a game?  In a DM?  In other players?  Which of the 3 pillars (roleplay, exploration, and combat) is your favorite and why?  Which is your least favorite and why?  Describe a time you strongly disagreed with a DM and how did you handle it/or what’s the best way to handle it?  Etc, etc. Thanks and happy gaming! Fox