Hello, I am currently setting up the Medium class on the Pathfinder Community Sheet. It's been pretty grueling, but I'm trying to automate as much as possible so I don't have a list of changes the size of my arm to do when I level up or change spirits. The mechanic I'm struggling with right now is: Archmage Arcana (Lesser, Su) : Instead of your normal spells per day for your medium level, you use the spells per day from  Table: Mesmerist . For each level of spell you can now cast (including level 0), each time you channel an archmage spirit, select a single spell of that level from the  sorcerer/wizard  spell list to add to your medium spell list and spells known until you lose contact with the archmage. When you cast these spells, they count as arcane (though not for the purpose of fulfilling prerequisites), and thus you must provide verbal and somatic  components  instead of thought and emotion  components . I'm not sure how to proceed here. I can set up a new spellbook and update Spells/Day and Spells Known when I level, but then the automatic # Used Spell/Day won't work (as the overall pool will be split between spellbooks, when it should be a total). I can do everything under the medium spellbook, but then I'll be scrambling around my notes and adjusting Base Spells/Day and Spells Known every new in-game day. These are the only two solutions I can think of. Is there any way I could automate something to fix the shortcomings of either of those options using a macro? Such as: Combine spellbook pools. Save the difference in Base Spells/Day and Spells Known somewhere and apply that difference when I enable my Archmage buff. Normally I'd just put in a "buff enabled" check macro in the macro field and let my buffs do the automating (that's how I'm doing 90% of the rest), but that won't work here as all the inputs in the Spell/Day table are number only. I understand this is basically me being extremely picky, however this class is very detail oriented, and I'd prefer to make as many automations as possible so as to not miss anything. Thanks!