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Duplicate does not mean what everyone except Roll20 thinks it means

5 years after this page&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;suggested people were fools for thinking they knew what "duplicate" means, people (like me) are still foolishly thinking that a duplicated page will be a duplicate of the page being duplicated.&nbsp; I even googled the meaning of duplicate, and it turns out that ALL the dictionaries out there also mistakenly define a duplicate as an exact copy of the original.&nbsp; Literally none of them knew that duplicate means "the same size but blank" Maybe it is time to change the tooltip to say "Make a new blank page with these settings (not a copy)"&nbsp;&nbsp;
I agree with your suggestion. For Pro level subscribers there is a an API called TruePageCopy that does what "duplicate" should do.
Having it not duplicate the page is not that big a deal, I was making a page with just a grass background thinking I could use it as a base to duplicate for other pages set in the outdoors. Not a big deal, my real issue is the wording. Duplicate is a word in the English language with a very well understood meaning.&nbsp; That meaning is "a copy exactly like an original", "to make an exact copy of" or "to do or perform again".&nbsp; And this was pointed out to Roll20 by others way back in the dark ages and ignored when the fix is so simple and would take 30 seconds. Just use the proper words to describe what the button does. Newbies like myself should not be sitting there wondering why it doesn't do what the tooltip says it does and thinking it is broken, then wasting time searching the internet to try and find out what they are doing wrong to finally find out the developers don't know what the word duplicate means, and to then find out that they do know and just don't care that the tooltip is wrong and misleading and have left it for years and years.&nbsp; It's a 30-second fix.
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You might want to add your voice in the suggestion thread about this issue, or at least follow it since they are working on it, but have hit some sort of snag on the back end apparently.&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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You saved a post from 5 years ago to complain about the semantics around the word "duplicate" in the bug report forum? Dude... edit: You don't think the devs know what duplicate means? Do you know how a promise works in node.js?