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Token Markers, API Scripts, and You: Some Coming Attractions


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Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
As you may have heard , we’re working on a feature that’s been requested for a long time. Token Markers, commonly used to denote something about a token or character, and soon we will add a way to use your own choice of images for Token Markers, and manage Sets of Token Markers individually in any game. As of today, we’ve updated the Dev Server to start testing. The new system to apply Token Markers to a Token is now active on the Dev Server. You can test the system manually, as well as test any API scripts that you currently have written to ensure everything still works as expected. Note that these changes are entirely behind the scenes; there should be no visible differences in the tabletop itself at this time. We expect that there’s nothing that you’ll  need  to change. The new system should be fully backwards compatible when it comes to the default set of Token Markers. However, scripts may require some changes in order to handle custom Token Markers. To facilitate these changes, we will be providing a way for the API to access a list of all Token Markers currently included in a game. We will provide more information on exactly how this will work in the near future.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Awesome!  I'm super excited about this update. I've tested the 3 most Status Marker intensive scripts I know of: TokenMod TokenNameNumber Flight (Brian S.) All worked perfectly on the dev server, including the use of multiple of the same status markers, zeros on status markers, adding and removing markers, math from markers, add, change, remove events on status markers. Cheers!