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Jukebox Playlists (Loop vs. Shuffle: Why not both?)

I want to start by saying I love the new and improved jukebox. The ability to curate your own library of custom songs, create playlists to add to any campaign, and the ability to start and stop playlists concurrently to independent songs is absolutely fantastic. The one thing I disagree with, however, was the decision to combine the Loop Playlist functionality in with the other toggles, like simulplay and shuffle. Under the old system, I could start a playlist and just have it run indefinitely, shuffling through all the songs it contained and then repeating the process ad nauseum. Now, however, I am forced to pick one of the two: Shuffle the playlist, keeping the variety of not knowing what song will play next, but needing to restart the playlist every time it concludes; or looping the playlist to keep it playing continuously, but always in the same order. My suggestion is to return to the old control scheme of having one button toggle looping on/off, and having the other cycle between playing a playlist straight through, shuffling, or doing simulplay. It would make it infinitely easier for DMs with playlists they curated for particular common moods in their game - such as a 'peaceful' playlist or a 'tavern' playlist. Something to put on in the background and let run without worrying about needing to keep tabs on the jukebox until a specific scene change or in-game event.
Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Shuffle does play indefinitely, randomly selecting any track in the playlist after completing a track.
Huh. My mistake. I remember early after the update having enough dead-time to be noticeable, but trying to recreate what I claim to be broken reveals that it does, in fact, work as you describe, and as intended. Sorry for the confusion, this thread can be closed now.