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[StatusInfo] Getting "Error: No attribute or sheet field found for character_id" in API when applying markers


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I am using TokenMod to apply markers and StatusInfo to tell everyone in chat the condition related to the marker and keep tracks of them with CombatTracker. A simple command !token-mod --set statusmarkers#!stopwatch create "Error: No attribute or sheet field found for character_id -LihzL_-V9KakPo3SL7x named character_sheet" in the API and sometimes completely crashes the API, generally in combat when I use those commands a lot. I am using DnD5e sheet, same thing happens if it is a PC, a NPC, an image, etc, ... The error goes away if I disable StatusInfo, so it comes from it for sure. I know the creator of the script has gone missing and Victor B. made an updated version but same thing happens with the updated scripts. Any idea of why or alternatives ?
Are you using the new combat tracker or the one-click one. If you are using the new one it has statusinfo build into it so you do not need it.

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I have the same error pop up if I use the one-click one and the one Victor B. worked on&nbsp; ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) which I guess is the updated one you are talking about ? The one from Victor B. use 2 scripts that you need to install separately, where did you see this built-in statusinfo ?
If you use Status info with CombatTrackers (Victors) you will get an error as Victor combined them
OOOOOOH OK, thanks for the head ups, I installed the new one and no more errors. Didn't see the new one to install and the READ ME still say to install independently so I didn't look at the solo file. For anyone looking into this, on the Victor B. github ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) you must install the combattracker.js on the master repository ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ), this one has statusinfo included and works without error with tokenmod, not the one in the 0.3.0 folder.