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Player and GM Views Display Differently


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So I encountered an issue while constructing a map. I'm trying to set the aspect ratio of the page grid to 3:2, or 50 squares W x 33 squares H to accommodate a background image with the same ratio. It is important that the map is at least 50 squares wide so that a 5' square in the grid corresponds to 5' on the background map. While I can get this to display perfectly in the GM editing mode, when I join as a player, the grid seems limited to 25x25. Is there any way for my players to view a 50x33 map? I've tried to accomplish this in Chrome and Safari with catches cleared and add-ons disabled. I even created a square map with a 50x50 grid to accommodate the width, at least. None of these initial attempts changed the player view from the original 25x25. Here's a link to the game: [Link Removed by Admin] 4758513 I appreciate any help you can provide! Cheers!
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First off, you should really  delete that open invite. Anyone in the world can enter your game and vandalize it. PM someone an invite if they indicate interest, but an open invite is usually a Bad Idea. Secondly, make sure that the player ribbon is on the page you are expecting to see when you rejoin as player. You won't necessarily come in on the page you were looking at as a GM. There is no difference between a player and a GM view in terms of the page size.
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Went ahead and removed that join link for you :) As Keith stated typically you do not want to leave an open invite link lying around publicly. That said, taking a look at the game it does seem that the player banner is on a different page than what you are looking for. If you simply click and drag that over to the new page your players should load up there no problem! You can find more information and details here on our wiki:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Thanks y'all! I'm new here so I appreciate the help, especially the info about the game invite link.&nbsp;