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[Text Only] ⋭ D&D5e Campaign Looking for members!

Under Two Moons Is a D&amp;D5e play by post campaign, set in a high fantasy world known as&nbsp; Hyboria! Hyboria is a mysterious world located in the sharpest edges of the forgotten Realms, be expecting something similar to Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy alike. Game Play We will be using a less conventional method of play know as PBP (play by post) or Text Only. All though we will be posting in character throughout the day at random times (When you're able), there will be a scheduled session that will be held once every other week! Please Note This will be a high-quality game with much time being exhausted in order for it to be that way, please do not waste our time with trying to join if you are not ready to invest some of your time into the game! **Post any questions below, please! (Link to the game) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Hey, I'd be interested in joining! What time is that scheduled session? What level are you playing to, and what level is your party at?&nbsp;
This is a fresh campaign! Probably around level 12 or so, maybe 10 if you go straight through it.&nbsp; 12:30 AM EST Every other Saturday will be our session start time!
My mistake, thank you for clarifying! Just to confirm, that's 12.30 around midnight? That won't be a problem for me, and I'd love to throw my hat in the ring. I currently don't have permission to view that game; if there's more background info there, I can't access it ^^; But I'm a consistent player, usually post once a day at a minimum, and I'm a big fan of diving into lore and backstory.&nbsp; Is there any other information I can provide? I'd love to learn more about this setting.
I only have knowledge of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy mostly through cultural osmosis. Still, I've been running live text-only campaigns for 6 years now and text-roleplaying in various forms for 15+ and am interested. I don't know if I can buy in wholesale without knowing more but otherwise my only question is how long the bi-monthly sessions typically are. I am PST and try to wake up pre-noon if I can help it, each day :D
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Knights of the Written Word 2 community would be a good place to place your recruitment post as there is over 750 members that love text based games.
I am wanna join, but What about Your timezone?
Hu... Not sure why that kink doest work, I'm not as familiar with this end of Roll20 as I probably should be! A.A&nbsp; Maybe this link will do better!&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Dans t. said:&nbsp; Just to confirm, that's 12.30 around midnight?&nbsp; That is correct!
Still room for three more!
FYI, normally, only people who have already joined the game can see the game details posts. The searchable LFG listing is normally viewable by anyone, so that's a better link for info. about joining
Ah.... Here we go... <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Interesting, usually I only do DnD via voice chat but a campaign that I’m currently in is making me feel inclined to change that if you’re still taking on people.