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GURPS Vampire; TM Forever Night, Ashes to Ashes

GURPS 3rd edition Vampire the Masquerade. You will play as new Vampires in the City of Seattle dealing with your new Found Imortality, and the Evils of a Vampire that defys all laws of Vampiric existance. Seeking 6 players Versed in GURPS VTM or even new to the game. Games will be Friday nights every other week starting in January, 24th. from 7-11pm Central Time via Rpll20 and DISCORD
B ooks you will need
Out of curiosity, why are you running VtM through GURPS?
Marshmallow said: Out of curiosity, why are you running VtM through GURPS? Because i like GURPS and i know how to run it
JustAddSalty said: It's weird af is all. It's not like there's five perfectly fine Vampire the Masquerade editions (plus a couple miscarriages of nature) out there. Plus several gigabytes worth of novels, clan books, mind-theatre scenarios and perfectly terrifying yet mostly obscure modules. Nope. You needed GURPS. Look i OWN the GURPS books i have the 3rd edition Basic set. the VTM book and the Companion. why should i track down all these books LEARN a new system and what have you. all i need is the 3. plus im comfortable running it.if you dont like GURPS then DONT PLAY
Damn, I deleted that as soon as I posted it. Sorry, you weren't meant to see it.
How reliable is that fortnightly schedule going to be? it doesn't take much in the way of inevitable RL interruptions (overtime, illness, family stuff) to make that a monthly game for all practical purposes, and that's a slow rhythm to maintain interest and immersion.
itsa Bi weekly schedule. its done that way because i can run 2 games a month. the rest is on the players if they can play
.Seeking 5 players, we now have 1.if you dont mind GURPS then by all means message for info and we will get you into the Game
Still seeking players. message if interested
Getting the Chronicle Ready. Still needing Players. message if interested
Any Vampires out there..?
Currently Have 3 players Seeking 2-3 more
What Clan will you play. still seeking players