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Turn Numbering

I've only just discovered Roll20, and already I'm impressed. I'm actually planning on using it in a hybrid situation in which I have most of my players on-site, but do to work and childcare issues one or two will occasionally be remote. I think Roll20 will be ideal for this situation.  Up until now we've been using Skype, which works pretty well, but is terrible with respect to conveying tactical information. No matter how we angle the camera (we currently have a USB camera hanging above the map), it's always hard for the remote players to see the map, much less let us know what kind of move they want to make. Roll20 should be a huge improvement.  If this works out as well as I suspect it will, I definitely plan to become a Supporter. This is just the sort of thing I want to encourage.  But on to my suggestion. I was setting things up for the first run where I'll be using Roll20, and I was looking at the Turn tool and was wondering if it could have some sort of counter built into it that would identify the current turn by counting off the number of cycles through all of the people/monsters on the list. This would be invaluable for tracking spell durations, both good and bad. Or is there already some feature like that and I simply haven't seen it? 
Forum Champion
Unfortunately, at this time there is not a feature like this. However, there is a workaround. 1) Add a token (I use the 'd20' token) to your map that you will only use for keeping track of turns. 2) Add the token to the turn tracker.  3) Give the token a rediculous initiative number (such as 50) and then give it a decimal value to keep track of the turn. Example: 50.1 would be the first turn while 50.3 would be the third turn. - Gauss
My current GM has been dealing himself cards as a turn tracker as we can see how many cards he has and each turn he takes another card.
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Interesting idea Terratani, I may have to use that.  - Gauss
I would love to have an integrated turn counter as well.
Definately +1 to this. Right now I have an Excel (Calc etc would work just as well) spreadsheet open when we play to keep track of things like this.