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[LFG][Free]Battletech Time of War

Hello fellow Mechwarriors. I am looking for one lance that is open for business and is not scared of hard fights. As you know, it is hard to engage in open war at borders. But I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities for skilled mercenaries to make nice stack of cash. Are you interested? If so, drop your contact below and I am sure we can figure out something that will work for both sides. So to say, hello everyone reading this. As stated. I am planning to open game of burning metal, hard cash and backstabs. But nothing like this matters much to you does it? You are part of mercenary group [players will figure out its name] and you got few jobs lined up. This will be bit more open world campaign but there will be plenty of good story lying around. I am GMT+1 and can play on every day of week after 5PM my time. I would like to have weekly sessions. And due to system of group. There is no problem to have people dropping in and out of it. Or to play other other types not just mechwarriors. But for now I am looking for interested people. So post here if you wanna give it a shot. New players are ok as well, I am ok with teaching.
Id love to do it, timezones wont work though.
If played over weekend time is no issue.
Sign me up for a bit of heavy metal, you have no idea how long i have been hunting for a game that fits my timezone.
Kash. Great. I will probably make game over weekend and let it sink in to see if there will be other interested parties. I got plenty of things prepared so it will not be short or boring.
Heya, quick question. Do you allow new players? Would love to try it. GMT+1 as well and as long as it's not on friday evenings (got a 5e game running then) my schedule is flexible.
As I said, new players are ok :)
I'm new myself but totally up for it. I'm mainly free on Fridays and Saturdays however.
Well Saturday seems good time as it seems.