I am looking to start an OSR science fantasy/weird fiction/sword & sorcery themed game. Crypts & Things Remastered (with core classes only) OR Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (if the players prefer an Advanced ruleset). Anomalous Subsurface Environment setting will be the initial setup, and I intend to use some other similarly themed modules and dungeons as we go. It is intended that the game allow players to come in and out, as well as play multiple characters, so that scheduling is a minimal issue. Probably once a week. I will try to keep the days the same (or fit them to what most players can make), and the times are always going to be night/early morning (according to US Mountain Time); that being said players are who play regularly and engage the setting/adventures are probably going to get a lot more XP and treasure overall. I don't mind some strategic/tactical metagaming, but I do like roleplaying and characters behaving in-context/in-setting (what this means is your low Intelligence fighter doesn't have to make terrible combat decisions, though you could play him like an idiot in general to express his low Intelligence). Some experience with old D&D or OSR games is useful. I will be fairly minimalistic in the core system but I will probably bring in adventures/spells/magic items, etc. from other games that have similar science fantasy themes. Death would be likely, not quite on the DCC Funnel level but in the typical B/X fashion of one-and-done death blows in low-level fights and difficult to detect traps that can kill inexperienced characters with poor luck. If you are interested send me a message and tell me a little bit about what interests you about this type of game. I would like to have between two and five players at most sessions, as less would be too few PCs for an adventure and more would be overwhelming force for level-appropriate stuff (keeping in mind players will be running 2 PCs and have one or more backups in case of sudden dismemberment).