So, I am looking for a low-cost (around $400), small, silent or very quiet, Pico projector for our home-cinema. Placement options are very limited. I will mount it close to the ceiling with the picture projected lower on the wall, so I need either vertical image controls to lower the projected picture or keystone correction so I can mount the projector tilted down. The screen will only be about 80", maybe smaller. The room is dimly lit (think typical bar lighting), so I don't think I need a ton of lumens, but I do want the picture to be fairly bright. My main priority is that the projector is small and quiet. I would like it to be 1080p, if possible, but as long as the picture looks good, lower HD resolution is probably fine. I will only use this a few times a year. I had a mini projector briefly, but fan noise and the size of the projector were non-starters for that room. I have no experience with pico projectors, so I am hoping somebody can point me to the best option in the $400ish range. I myself spent some time searching and reading different reviews and maybe some of you are familiar with AAXA P7 Mini Projector with Battery or Mini Projector, Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector 1080p Supported HD