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New "Allow Imports" Setting: Automatically give permission of character sheet to OWNER and DM only.

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I play D&D Adventurer's League, an official shared campaign that requires importing and exporting of characters en masse among a ton of players. I have noticed permissions become a massive pain for the DM and players, especially when dynamic lighting is used. • If the player's permissions were already set up for only them  in a different room, the player  can't access the sheet until the DM assigns it to them. • Conversely, if permissions were not set up  in a different room, everyone has access to the character sheet. Permissions must be fixed for dynamic lighting to work properly, or else everyone can see what that token sees. As a result, the DM has to take away time every game to juggle permissions. Players pre-setting permissions is bad because it takes time to reassign before every game, and players not pre-setting is bad because it makes Dynamic Lighting break automatically until permissions are fixed. Permissions become especially problematic in timed games, such as Adventurer's League's Epics, where people are sometimes importing and exporting on the fly. Solution:  In the game settings of the room, right below "Allow players to import their own Characters", provide a checkbox setting as follows: □ Automatically Assign Permission:  Whenever a player imports a character sheet, automatically assign access of that sheet to the importer and the DM only.  I suggest having this setting automatically turned on whenever "Allow players to import their own Characters" is set to "Yes". I'm sorry I don't have more technical knowledge of how to do this, I just want to help my community.
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
This would be useful for many. I wonder if in the mean time, this could be partially done with API?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
This is a great suggestion.  I think the reason this doesn't work now is actually an oversight, based on what is observable by the API. Some background: A game has players.  Those players have a Roll20 ID.  Andreas J.'s it 1223200, for example.  Players in a game also have an ID from the same pool of IDs that tokens and characters and every other object in a game has. Characters have a list of players that control them.  That list is the Player's ID in the game. When a Character is exported to the Character Vault, then imported to another game, it still has the Player IDs assigned to it.  However, those IDs are from the Player objects in the prior game, so don't correspond to the Player objects in the current game. If player permissions were based on the Roll20 ID, or if they were translated into the Roll20 ID on export to the Vault, then translated to the local Player ID on import, it would solve this problem. 
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
The API could be used to solve this problem automatically, but only if you could have a script running in the source game and the destination game. An API script could be written to let a player claim an imported character.  A list of available characters could be generated by finding characters that had only player IDs for players not in the current game.  Or perhaps only characters that were created recently.
Andreas J. said: This would be useful for many. I wonder if in the mean time, this could be partially done with API? I've seen an extremely roundabout API where the player has to type in their character name to the letter. I really hope they consider this, it really hurts gameplay to constantly whine for permission to every owl and mount I import, or seeing people forgo dealing with permissions entirely and ruining the point of Dynamic Lighting maps.