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[LFDM][Satuday/Sunday][U.S. Timezones] 2 people, System Variable. Looking for something light-hearted.


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So, I'll cut to the chase. Me and a friend of mine are looking for a DM who's interested in what he's running, and we're flexible as to what exactly that is. Only constraints are hopefully some time Saturday/Sunday, with a few deadzones. Saturday: Before 4pm or after 6:30pm Pacific Timezone (GMT-8). Sunday: After 12:30. We're open to almost any system, but here are a few of the ones we're more used to/want to try out, in no particular order: Mutants and Masterminds 3e Masks Pokemon Tabletop United - This one will attract a third of our friends. She's interested in trying a pokemon system after I told her it exists. Dungeon World Apocalypse World World of Darkness Savage Worlds FATE Cypher D&D5E - I'm not gonna say no, but we're gonna call this "Low Priority". Lastly, we're hoping for something adventurous. Light-hearted. Something fun to do on the weekend. If that sounds like the kind of thing you're running, let us know, either below, or PM me with your pitch! Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon!

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Secondary Hopeful Bump!
Hey Thunder, I'm trying for a survival battle royale anime/toku type.  Think anime hero Hunger Games.  If you're interested let me know!  I'm probably going to use BESM 4e, on Sunday evenings.