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Special tags for sheet and API author suggestions?


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Sheet Author
Perhaps I'm just not seeing it... but weren't character sheet and API suggestions supposed to get a special tag in the Suggestion forums since they would naturally have a smaller user base in regards to minimum required votes?  Or is it that these types of suggestions won't be culled out if they do not reach the ≈ 200 vote mark?  Thanks example of a few "sheet-specific" suggestions; Character Sheets: Make Google Webfonts Available for Use More than 1 character sheet template
Heya Vince :) Unfortunately, we cannot have multiple tags active at a time, so in the first example it is "Queued" so we cannot also mark it with the additional tag. As for the second, this seems more in the realm of general users as opposed to a sheet creator specific request-- I could be swayed in this interpretation though. Feel free to PM me, would love to hear thoughts! Ultimately, the API and Character Sheet tags require manual enabling at this time. We try to keep on top of it, but we can certainly miss things or not interpret it as specific only to API/Sheet creators. If you believe a forum topic should be labeled as one of aforementioned tags, feel free to shoot us an Email to make sure we can review the thread! As it stands, this is more of a question about an existing system as opposed to a suggestion so I am going to close this to refund the vote.