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Dark Souls 3 Adventure - 2 Players Needed!

Hello and thank you for your interest! I'm looking for 2 players to join me and our fellow undead in playing an original interpretation of the world and story of Dark Souls 3. Here are the details: Players must choose human as their race (variant allowed). Before we begin, you will be choosing a covenant for your character to follow. Blue Sentinels, Watchdogs of Farron, or Warriors of Sunlight. Further covenants are available as you progress through the adventure. In the discord will be descriptions of the benefits and goals of your covenant. When developing your backstory be mindful that you have forgotten your past and will discover it over the course of the adventure.  Players will roll 4d6 for stats, dropping their lowest number. I improvise critical successes and critical fails. Rolling a critical fail will result in the worst possible (but fair) outcome so be prepared for that. I use music, tokens, maps, and artwork to immerse the players in the adventure. The world will NOT play like a video game so don't expect us to be walking through linear "levels". There will be villages, dungeons, and exploration like any other fun D&D adventure.  Please leave a brief description of what you enjoy in a game of D&D, what you expect out of your DM, and what character you'd like to play. If you have no knowledge of the Dark Souls universe that's okay! New players are welcome.  
Hey there! This sounds super fun. I really enjoyed DS3 and it would honestly be a really interesting world to adventure into. A friend and I are looking to join a campaign together, were super fun and enjoy a really well-developed world. To me, my favorite thing is adventuring and just reacting and making choices in real-time. The improv and just plain craziness is the best part! Let me know if you'd like to talk more. Zero#0284
This sounds awesome!
I dunno if your still looking for players but this sounds awesome. 
not sure if you're still recruiting but i love to join
If you're still recruiting, I'd love to join. I like other people's takes on established settings, and like DMs who allow balanced homebrew. I'd probably roll a druid/sorcerer to be played as a pyromancer. I've also played through and beaten every souls game except sekiro multiple times.