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[D&D 5E by Roll20] Average Damage

I'd like to be able to replace die rolls to return the average for damage and/or critical rolls separately. Something like: Damage: Rolled | Average Critical: Rolled | Average
Sheet Author
Since this is just for a specific character sheet, you might think about taking this to the thread for that sheet:&nbsp; <a href="https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/8033570/d-and-d-5th-edition-by-roll20-q1y2020" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/8033570/d-and-d-5th-edition-by-roll20-q1y2020</a>
I did consider that, but the thread is know issues, bug reports, and status of. It does not include a voting mechanism which is how suggestions are handled. Assigning values in place of die rolls could be generic. I don't know how useful, but could be.
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
Thanks for the suggestion! After 30 days, Suggestions and Ideas with fewer than 10 votes are closed and the votes are refunded to promote freshness. Your suggestion didn't build the right momentum this time, but feel free to submit it again! We find that the best suggestions describe the problem you are having, and the solution you want. You can learn more about the process of making suggestions on the Roll20 Wiki! More details can be found here .