Hello! We're a group of three looking for a DM after our last game fell through due to scheduling. We're looking for a game either Monday or Thursday evenings, preferably 20:00 - 23:59 EST Ages:  20, 20, 14 DnD/Roleplay Experience:  2 years average What you would like to see/prefer:  We're looking for a group of players that know how to make a fun story out of the world provided to them by the DM, know how to differentiate the silly from the serious, and enjoy getting into the RP part of DnD as well as knowing when to get serious and crack some skulls in combat. At the same time, we're looking for a DM who knows how to create a world for players to explore and create their own story in without trying to force their own narrative down players' throats, knows how to take feedback and criticism from players and create an environment that matches that game style that players are most interested in, and knows how to control their players and keep order at the table - and most importantly knows when to say "no." Rough Character Concepts Rascal, the kobold mastermind/college of lore. He's a naive fateweaver who works for the assassin's guild as a support because he has no fluency with a knife. Ick Cludbaix, the Goblin Swarmkeeper. A patient goblin with a haunting up-bringing, whom joined the assassin's guild after a Kobold saved his life. Gilbert Korvas, the Firbolg Battlemaster. A jolly green giant whose parent was a well known adventurer who recently passed away. Now he's trying to live up to the family name by going around helping people.