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Roll20 on MS Surface Go

Hello out there!  I'm looking for input from users who use Roll20 on a MS Surface Go as a GM and player.   Looking to upgrade my Surface Pro 4 and debating between the Go a 6/7 gen Pro.  I'm leaning more towards the smaller screen but I do a lot of my GM setup on my Surface and I'm worried it'd make map creation, creating characters, ect more difficult as well as general performance while running games (use Discord for voice but music in-app). Thanks a ton!
I have not used the type of rig you are using, however the main issue that impact user are basically the same, the speed of your internet connection. Your graphics card, and how much ram you have. Currently I run a linux based system with about 16 gigs of ram and older nivida graphics card and on average with chrome and large maps/games I run about 3-6 gb or ram give or take depending on the day. My system is not taxed.  From what I know of surfaces they are a good laptop, but with out knowing the spec. Comparatively I use a work laptop configured with a high end intel processor, with 500gb ssd and 24gb or ram. That can easily handle roll20 though its graphic chips leaves something to be desired it wouldn't be any less difficult to use than my desktop.  But I would also temper that with what your expectation are, and how you intend to use the device.  I have not used roll20 with touch screens so I have no idea how well that works or ease of use but others might be able to offer more insight. 

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Hi!  Via Knights of the Written Word 2 gaming community, for any and all Text Only games in Roll20,  Pat S. pointed me over here, since he knows I've used Surface Pro laptops for several years. I joined Roll20 in late 2014, using a Surface Pro 3 via Wifi -- usually hotspotted through an elderly Android phone, or else restaurant or home Wifi. Since then, both the phone and the laptop have been replaced.  I have an SP6 and a basic Samsung Android phone. __________ Before getting the SP6, I tried the more expensive and supposedly better Surface Book 2 for a few weeks, but was dissatified with it.  It was about twice as heavy, partly due to its two separate batteries, which seemed to last about as long as the SP6's single battery. The Book was bulkier & uglier in the only available protective case -- which also had gaps in the pattern of its coverage.  The knobbly case and heavier weight of the laptop also made it uncomfortable to use when propped on legs while I was seated. While it had extra ports (which I don't need), I found its screen to be less readable.  Although it was supposedly better for use such as Roll20, the Book had more problems in the game room.  I've been much happier with the SP6.

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The elderly phone and the SP3 struggled, and sometimes failed, when I tried to use Skype and a Roll20 game room during games.  Both were OK until more people joined in -- usually more than 4 would overload it. They had various problems with Discord replacing Skype, although much less than with Skype. I originally started playing mostly text only games because voice games were so often a hassle wirh that combination. __________ With the new phone and SP6, most of the Discord & Roll20 problems are gone -- I don't even bother trying Skype anymore. However, the SP1 and SP2 were large tablets.  The SP3 was the first true laptop computer in the series, able to handle MS Office Suite, etc.  Roll20, however, doesn't believe in supporting phones and tablets -- and the SP's still have some (typically nice) tablet-like aspects, such as full touchscreen, laser pen, and trackpad instead of mouse.  I've found that I sometimes need to refresh a Roll20 game room if the graphics get slightly balky -- but it's no big deal. __________ In general, the SP3 and SP6 have been trouble free and delightful to use.  They're a very convenient size and weight -- I often carry mine around even when running errands, if I want to use it while eating lunch out.  If left in Sleep Mode too long, they may require several button pushes in a certain sequence to wake up -- it's easy to find that info online.  They're not the best at keeping cool, but are usually fine.  If I play a lot of graphics-intensive games very fast, the sound of the fan revving up warns me.  I've never had that happen with Roll20 or Discord, though.

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I sometimes get delays when loading Roll20 game rooms, as high byte maps, graphics, and files load.  It's probably due to my slow phone hotspot or restaurant Wifi, rather tham the SP6 itself.  It's usually not a problem, but super intensive graphics use or Voice & Video might be an issue. __________ I looked at the Surface Go when buying my Surface Pro 6.  The Go is basically a stripped down version -- a tablet instead of a computer, much like the SP1 and SP2.  The Pro is a nice size and weight -- roughly like a especially heavy pad of standard paper.  IMO, the Pro is a better choice for Roll20 and Discord use, but the Go would probably be OK.  The essence of the Surface Pro line is to have an easily portable, streamlined version of the essential computer features.  It's not a "muscle car", though -- for heavy usage, a regular table computer and fancy big monitor would be needed. __________ P. S. In addition to its overall convenience, I've found that using the SP6 feels much like the earlier SP3 -- straightforward and easy to use.  It has a good battery life, too.  So if you have an SP4, you already know most of how the SP6 will be, but with improved internal processing, etc. P. P. S. I bought one step down from the top level of options offered. I hope all this helps for your decision.  :-D  Happy gaming!
Thanks for the input everyone!  Much better progress than trying to get the sales rep at the store to unlock the demo PCs so I could try it out myself :P

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A lot of them don't know much anyway, other than how to sell them.  If there's repair/tech. support at the store, they might be able to tell you more.

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Oh, and they've got 3 types of the light pens now.  The newer machines are backwards compatible for the earlier light pens. Likewise, I didn't buy a new keyboard (about $100), because the magnetically attached old one from the SP3 works just fine on the SP6. And the old leather folder type of protective case from the SP3 fits (barely!), too.  The SP6 is just slightly thicker than the SP3. The older charger works for the SP6, too, although it already comes with a charger.
I used a chrome extension called Touch20 that someone developed to use with Roll20 to make the support better. For my surface I had to click and use a pen to drag tokens but this fixed it and made it usable with just the pen. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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That's good to know, thanks!&nbsp; I may try that later.&nbsp; I've used Roll20 on the SP3 and SP6 without the pen for years, although certain elements seem to work with the trackpad only or finger touch only.&nbsp; I really should dig around the house find where the pen has gone off to!&nbsp; BTW, it requires two different batteries to function.