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Tongues 4.5.3 can't unset a language

I run the !tongues --unset Abyssal and it removes the characters name from the handout but not from the characters TONGUES macro.  Even if I run !tongues --ability it still will not change anything on the list of languages that show up when the PC runs the tongues macro from his character.
Yea, I had the same problem. In the end I gave all the players another macro with all the languages in the campaign listed and gave up on --ability. !tongues ?{language?|Abyssal|Bullywug|Celestial|Draconic|Druidic|Dwarven|Elven|Giant|Gnoll|Gnomish|Goblin|Halfling|Ignan|Infernal|Orchish|Primordial|Sylvan|Thieves-Cant} ?{say what?|Hello$.$} This will not make any difference from the ability macro since they only can speak the ones their character "knows" anyway.