Greetings! This morning we pushed code with some exciting changes! Zoom Tool Update: The Pan-Scroll Continuum There are some quality of life improvements to zooming and panning on the VTT as of today: Control your default zoom settings at the game level (Settings wheel) or at the account level ( My Account ), so you can switch between “Scroll to Pan” and “Scroll to Zoom” functionality. Secondary click (which may be right click, two-finger click, or something else depending on your operating system) will pan. We’ve also increased support for laptop users, for example Apple Trackpad users can now drag two fingers to pan. While we were at it, we went under the hood to make panning smoother and more responsive. New + / - slider that displays your zoom level and allows you to adjust either by pressing the button or dragging the slider. You can even collapse it for more screen space! Keyboard shortcuts with + or - buttons can be used to zoom in or out. Contextual menus that also use these keyboard shortcuts (like token markers) will NOT affect your zoom. We’ve added the “Ctrl” key as an alternative (how ironic!) to the “Alt” key for pan and zoom functions. Those of you whose browsers (hello, Firefox) want the Alt key all to themselves now have access to a reliable secondary key. How to Set the Zoom Behavior in a Game You can now set your game to either zoom or pan when you move the scrollwheel. In the game settings tab (the gear icon), select either Pan or Zoom. This setting is kept when you refresh or rejoin the game. How to Set My Default Zoom Behavior You can also set up a default for your account. If you like the Zoom as default, go to the  My Account  page and scroll down to Preferences. You can set your default behavior there. Note: If you've set the zoom behavior in a game, it overrides the default you set in your profile. Update: We pushed a hotfix a couple of hours after the initial release to fix an issue where trackpads were horizontally scrolling in the opposite direction. We'd Love to Hear From You The zoom tool rework was on the Dev server for over a month for testing, so it's definitely had a lot of eyes on it! If you have feedback on the Zoom tool, or find a bug, please post it in the official bug thread ! Character Sheets Pathfinder 2e Several bug fixes and quality of life improvements HP is now editable NPC actions rearranged for better readability GM whisper on top Call of Cthulhu: Several bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Translation keys are now accessible. Check It Out! The most recent community roundtable was Thursday, January 9!  Catch the video  here ! Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the helpdesk , or check out the  most recent note  here.