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[LFP] Dresden Files Accelerated

We are looking for a couple of additional players for a Dresden Files Accelerated game. Every two weeks - Tuesday 6PM UK Time for about 3 hours. Next Game is 28th Jan Dues to recent scheduling issues we've lost a couple of players. Currently we have a Magical Practitioner - Warden Tucker, and a Sidhe-changeling Monster Hunter - Til Brogan. The setting is a "dresden" version of the City of Birmingham (UK). You can read more about the setting at&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; Recent adventures have included a plot to re-open a magical bridge into the heart of the City and the current situation is a "Winter Wonderland" party in a big glass dome (a temporary Ice Rink) being run by Maeve the Winter Lady to recruit changelings for the Winter Court. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;
I mean, if this were wednesday I would join in a heartbeat. Tuesdays are band rehearsal days. Though this might change to Thursdays in a couple of weeks. But for now Thursdays and Wednesdays are free for me. I would hope to play a foodog, if not I have a few other ideas too. Red all the books, (over and over again), and played the normal DFRPG before, so I guess accelerated is pretty much the same, with some edits. Let me know, but I doubt wednesdays or thursdays can become an option, but a man can try right?
Get back in touch if your Tuesdays become free. I’ll let you know if we change night (unlikely). DFA is quite a bit different to DFRPG. I think a character based on a Foo Dog could be possible with one of the Mantles - maybe as a Changeling, True Fae or Werecreature and then with some creative Aspects.
Did you find a player? I just now saw this and would love to learn to play this system. I'm off every other weekend from Friday-Wednesday, this weekend having been off for me.