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Keeping Additional Die Results From an Exploding Die

I'm sure there's a lot dice macro questions bandied about here all the time, but here's another one for you all! :) I'm making a campaign for Corporia and made a die macro for it to give to my players to use which I thought worked, but by sheer fluke I was screwing around with it this morning and saw a flaw. So the way the game works involves rolling 2d6 and keeping the highest for your result. Also, the individual dice are exploding, so it could be possible to roll say 2 and 6+3 so the result would be 9, or roll 1 and 4 so the result would be 4. The macro I had used 2d6!k1 but I just noticed that if I get an exploding die, it treats all of those as separate dice and doesn't "keep" them. In the example I rolled it came up with a ridiculous roll of 2, 6+6+6+3 which *should* have been a result of 21, but it showed as 6. Is there any die roll nomenclature that would work with this system or am I just better off telling everyone to keep it as is but watch for 6's manually (since they can still see the dice rolled at least)?
I believe that if you use two exclamation marks (2d6!!k1) that will get what you need.
That did it! Thank you.